Monster Attacks Florence Italy

by dav.d

I know it is a little late for a Halloween themed photograph. I photographed the monster at the Salt Lake City Zombie Walk this year. I believe this monster is from the Fear Factory haunted house. They had a number of zombies, monsters, and people in excellent makeup.

I creating this photographed I need a background that was dark, ghoulish, and scary. You want your subject to belong to the background. So this stock photograph from Florence, Italy was perfect. The image was already at night, with arches, and a lonely dark street.

Monster attacks Florence Italy

Monster Attack!

Creating the atmosphere was fun. Adding some chilling fog, some texture and darkness was fun. Perfect for Christmas!!

I have a whole slew of monsters, zombies, and other costumed characters to practice my Photoshop compositing. It is great to help create images that are reminiscent of a horror movie. I’m sure all the digital artists have fun creating matte backgrounds, creatures, and movie posters. So this is my chance to get some practice in making some movie magic, even if it is just a still image.

The next time they have a comic-con I should go and get some costumed photos of people, create some more images that are perfect to share with mom & dad. Who isn’t proud of their little monster?

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