Men’s Fashion is Based on the Suit, Vests are Optional

by dav.d

With fashion photography, is anything really real? The models are retouched to within an inch of their lives… there is a lot of magic that goes into selling a garment to the public. I had the opportunity to photograph this model for QSalt Lake Magazine’s spring fashion edition in 2012. The model is wearing a custom suit from Dress Code.

We photographed on a white seamless in studio and the other day I found an amazing background that I thought would really spice up the model and the suit. It helps that the tie is orange and it goes well with the setting sun’s reflection on the aluminum.

Men's Suit with a Vest

Men’s Suit with a Vest

So, hooray for Photoshop! I even painted in a reflection of the model onto the aluminum to help add him to the image. You have to pay attention to the details when you are a photographer. Most people might not notice a lack of shadows, but a lot of people might wonder why the image doesn’t look quite right without them. Our brains can be smarter than we are and can see things we overlook. So that is why we pay attention to the little details.

It is also why I love to carry a camera with me at all times. I was leaving work when I spotted the aluminum wall with the sunlight. Since I had my camera with me I was able to quickly capture various angles of the aluminum for future use. I think next composite will be a swimsuit model in front of the aluminum, yay!

And to be completely honest, I had my camera, my studio lighting, an amazing background, and no model… so thank goodness for Photoshop and some of my know how.

Back to the suit… one of the first things I am investing in when I lose more weight is a nice tailored suit. Every man should own at least one suit. I need to step up my wardrobe now that I am an “old man.”

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