Nahum’s Portraits in Kanarraville Falls in Southern Utah

by dav.d

Typically my portrait sessions have been centered in Salt Lake City and surrounding towns. It isn’t too often that I venture to southern Utah—unless it is to photograph Moab.

Nahum loves to hike and explore the beauty that is Utah. He wanted a photo shoot that represented one of the locations he likes to hike and explore. We traveled down to Kanarraville Utah to hike the Kanarraville Creek Canyon. There are waterfalls, creeks, and narrows.

Kanarraville Creek Canyon Waterfalls

Nahum sits by one of the many waterfalls in Kanarraville Creek Canyon

This is one reason photographers need to be in shape! It was quite the workout to carry camera gear and myself up to and through the canyon. It was also beautiful. Because of the snow and heavy winter there was more water than usual. This probably helped create some more water for our photos and presented some unique challenges.

Red Rock of the Kanarraville Creek Canyon

Nahum is photographed in the Canyon of Kanarraville

Fortunately, as a photographer, I come prepared. I used a tripod as my light stand and we were able to get my signature off camera lighting to create some awesome portraiture. I now have it on my “To Buy” list of a waterproof backpack. There were times I was afraid I would just fall over into the creek. Sometimes you don’t know what you need till you need it!

Kanarraville Creek Canyon

To Take Better Photos, We Stand in Better Locations

Because we were going hiking we didn’t have too much opportunity to change outfits. I don’t have a limit on outfit changes for a photo shoot. As many as you want in the time we have to shoot.

Man stands in Kanarraville Creek Waterfalls

Photographing in the Kanarraville Creek Canyon

We had to be creative in where Nahum would stand, where we put the tripod/light stand, and where I would stand. This was definitely the most three dimensional photo shoot I have done. We had to be very aware of our surroundings so no one got hurt or fell into the water.

Portrait Session in a Creek

Creek acts as a background for Nahum’s headshot

Southern Utah really is beautiful. If you want to improve your photographs you should look at improving your surroundings. It is my bucket list to photograph people more in Moab for example. The location is just amazing and only makes a portrait even more cool. It makes a portrait in a park seem almost lame by comparison.

Portraits in a Canyon

I brought a light attached to a tripod for most shots

The waterfalls definitely made for a great background. I wish we had more time to explore the narrows. We also had to leave because the weather started to go a little stormy. You do not want to be in the creek or the narrows when there is a storm. You run the risk of flash flooding.

B&W Portrait

B&W Portrait of Nahum in Kanarraville Creek Canyon

Above all, safety first. You don’t want risk life and limb for a photograph. Maybe if you are a war photographer, maybe then.

Shirtless photograph in the Canyon

Nahum goes shirtless in the Canyon

Kanarraville Creek Canyon Narrows

Photographed at the Narrows of the Canyon

Creek is a background for a male portrait

B&W Portrait of Nahum in Kanarraville Creek Canyon

Headshot in the Kanarraville Creek Canyon

Headshot in the Kanarraville Creek Canyon

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