Photo of the Day: Moab’s Mesa Arch

by dav.d

Ok, there are 2 photographs here for the Photo of the Day. However, the photographs are of the same subject and both were created about the same time. And both of these photographs are for sale on my SmugMug site here and here.

I created these two photographs while on a landscape tour with The Digital Photo Workshops. Mesa Arch is a bit of a tourist destination and a photographer’s favorite destination. The best time to create photographs is early in the morning right as the sun is rising. You get a golden glow on the arch and the sun peaks through which looks awesome.

The sun peaks through Mesa arch in Moab

The sun peaks through Mesa arch in Moab

This was our second attempt to photograph the arch. However, it was so popular the first day we came back about 4am to get our spots. I brought TWO tripods. This way I could have two cameras going and get different angles. And I think this really paid off. I love both shots and I love variety. Was it a bit selfish to have two tripods going when there are 40+ photographers lined up? Probably. However, we interlock the tripods and make room for as many people as possible. With a cable release I don’t take up that much room.

Moab has so many locations to photograph. Although, I think I need to branch out and visit Bryce and Zions next spring/summer. Those locations hold a lot of promise as well. I’ve been to Bryce about 18 years ago… before I had a nice camera. I need to head back.

Moab's Mesa arch at sunrise

Moab’s Mesa arch at sunrise

Buy a print of Mesa Arch here.

And when I find more room on my walls I will be adding one of these photographs to my wall at home. The problem is find room! So many awesome photographs—so little space.

So yes, you can wake up early, buy expensive camera gear and create this photograph or just buy a print from my SmugMug site. While you’re there you can check out some of my other photographs, woo hoo!

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