Photo of the Day: Molly & Levi

by dav.d

Hey, it’s a photo of the day! This can count as a sneak peek of Molly’s photo shoot from a week ago. Molly and Levi are cousins separated by 6 months and 1000 miles. Levi is from Utah and Molly from Texas. We were photographing Molly during her visit to Utah and figured we would photograph the two of them together.

Why is Molly leaning like this? I think she is expecting a kiss from Levi. At this age, if you ask for a kiss, the child will lean in to receive a kiss. The reaction is priceless and this is one of my favorite photographs from the photo shoot.

Molly & Levi in autumn

Molly & Levi in autumn

Meanwhile, autumn is drawing to a close. There are plenty of autumn leaves in the valley right now and the chance of snow is pretty high… especially since it is snowing right now. And yes, I still photograph in the winter time. I can photograph outside and in studio if you want to stay warm.

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