Photographing Copper Awards Under Glass—This Be Hard, Yo

by dav.d

I have so many photographs I could be blogging and I am sure that most people couldn’t care less about awards they haven’t received themselves. However, it is a chance to show off some photography skills. Photographing anything that is metal and/or glass is a pain in the royal bum!

Photographing glass and metal isn't easy

Photographing glass and metal isn’t easy

I’ve done a lot of photography for the company behind Fine Metal Roof Tech and Copper Exclusive. And they have received awards in the metal roofing industry. And a lot of companies love to show off the awards for marketing purposes. It’s a thing. In fact the following photograph has a relief of one of my photographs I created for Fine Metal Roof Tech. Pretty cool.

This award includes one of my photos

This award includes one of my photos

It took a little bit of planning to setup the lights and camera just right so the lights aren’t horrible reflections in the glass or in the metal. And I as the photographer don’t want to be a reflection in the metal. Fortunately, the copper is brushed and we were able to work around it and the glass.

Brushed copper is a little easier

Brushed copper is a little easier

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