Rich & Jacob on the Bonneville Salt Flats

by dav.d

Just so you know, the following couple isn’t dating. They’re just friends and they are models who are willing to get creative. Anyone who wants some engagement photography like this let me know, I’m game.

The sunset was pretty cool. There was pink and purple on the horizon and storm clouds above. With the studio lighting it was a bit of a challenge to get exposures to match up and make things work perfectly.

This counts as gay photography

They’re not a couple, just models

About 30 seconds after the last shot it started to rain, and rain hard. We had to grab the gear and throw it in the car quickly. I think about half the time I have gone to the salt flats there has been some kind of storm or weather. It can look cool, but it gets risky. The backup plan is to go gamble in Wendover which is just 10 minutes away. Hooray for Sin City Junior!

Getting cozy on the Salt Flats

Two guys make it hot on the Salt Flats

These photographs are straight out of camera. Virtually no retouching on them. That is the nice thing for getting it right in camera. It also means my turn around time is much faster. The more retouching the longer it takes to get the photographs ready for review.

Rich and Jacob and a BMW on the Bonneville Salt Flats

So much fun when the models are open to ideas

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