Seattle Space Needle, Time Changes Everything

by dav.d

In June of 2012 I went out to Seattle to visit my photographer friend, Nicolesy. The first night I was there we headed to Kerry Park to photograph the Seattle Space Needle. Apparently this is the best location to photograph the historic landmark. We were greeted with a number of photographers all eager to create a photograph (the exact same photograph). However, you might notice I am sharing 3 different photographs of the Space Needle. Each of these are long exposures but we started during sunset and kept shooting through twilight and then into night. As time passed by the landscape of the photograph changed immensely.

The first photograph is the twilight photograph, my favorite of the 3. There is still ambient light as the sun is just below the horizon and the lights of the city are just starting to turn on to give life to the skyline.

Seattle Space Needle at Twilight

Perfect postcard photograph of the Seattle Space Needle

This was one of my first photographs of the Space Needle. Needless to say, each of these photos are a typical postcard shot. You’ve seen these before. However, these were shot by me! They are mine! And I hope to make a large print of at least one of them soon. The Space Needle is one reason you go to Seattle. You have to shoot the main landscapes. It is like visiting San Francisco, you would have to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, there are other things to photograph as well but it is a start.

Oh, and in the background on the right you can see Mount Rainier! At first I thought it might have been Mount Saint Helens but I am a moron who should have studied my geography before visiting the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle Space Needle during sunset

Seattle Space Needle

Last shot, I promise. This is at night, there is a lot of contrast of the Space Needle verse the rest of the city. There are a lot of more city lights. You can see some of the rotation of the restaurant of the Space Needle. I had to do some post processing to bring out the blue of the night sky. I like it!

Seattle Space Needle at Night

Seattle Space Needle at Night

Another reason for these kind of photographs is the ability to use these in my marketing… maybe I can encourage people to fly me out to Seattle to create amazing portraits of themselves in front of the Space Needle. Awesome fun.

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