Skis & Snowboards at Snowbird

by dav.d

Happy Presidents Day Weekend! I hope people had a great weekend. It’s been crazy busy for me. I photographed the catering at the capitol. I photograph the QUAC Ski-n-Swim. I even watched some basketball (go Cougars).

One of the photographs I created was up at Snowbird Ski Resort. I wasn’t up there for very long. My car isn’t designed for mountain snow driving and I had to leave when the heavy snow started. Maybe someday I’ll buy a 4 wheel drive.

I really like this photo. I love detail shots. In this one, I have skis, snowboards, snow, and some mountains.

Snowboards & Skis at Snowbird Resort in Utah

Snowboards & Skis at Snowbird Resort in Utah

Speaking of skis and snowboards… one of these days I should learn. I have done some back country skiing. Maybe next year I’ll make some time to learn to ski or snowboard. It is just another expensive hobby, ack! Like I need more excuses to spend money. But it does look fun.

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