Springtime and Daffodil is the First Flower of Spring!

by dav.d

After so many months of winter there are more and more signs that Spring is here. The other day I saw the perfect daffodils but all I had on me was my iPhone. So I did snap a few photographs, but I thought I would stop by again with my big camera. I set up the equipment to get a great photograph as well. This was at noon, and noon is usually a horrible time to photograph. However, with some planning and know how you can conquer noonday sun and create something beautiful.

Yellow Daffodil

Yellow Daffodil welcomes spring to Utah

And it was just yesterday that I blogged about having your good camera ready and with you. I didn’t listen to my own advice! I was lucky the flowers were still there. Daffodils seem to fade quickly and they are almost dying by the time tulips show up.

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