The Daniels Family’s Portraits by a Barn

by dav.d

It’s an adorable little family! My youngest brother, Jonathan, is now a father of 2 kids! It’s amazing how time flies. Just a few years ago, I was photographing Jonathan as sophomore in high school. Now he is an Air Force pilot flying million dollar airplanes! An of course we can’t forget the amazing Kelli Jo.

It's the little Daniels family

It’s the little Daniels family

We went quickly with this photo shoot. Little kids aren’t patient and you don’t have a lot of time to waste. i had one light ready to go and we photographed in front of the barn, an apple tree, and the goats. James was a little fussy but everything worked out.

The white barn is owned by a friend of the family

The white barn is owned by a friend of the family

And it was almost autumn when we photographed so we had a few apples on the tree. All we need was a Snow White.

And who doesn't want an apple tree

And who doesn’t want an apple tree

I love to imitate the American Gothic painting. Often times couples are rather stiff in front of the camera and it can be starting point. Most people are familiar with the painting, in this case we had an actual pitchfork. It made it a much more reliable recreation.

Recreating American Gothic

Recreating American Gothic

Little Molly's smile

Little Molly’s smile

It was a last second opportunity. We didn’t know if the goats would be close enough for a photo. At the end of the shoot it was as if they knew we wanted a photo. I’m blogging this about a year later, and there are a lot more goats at the farm! Apparently the goats help out with goat yoga and therapy sessions.

The goats do their part

The goats do their part

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