Wedding Season is Around the Corner

by dav.d

Winter weddings aren’t as popular as Spring & Summer weddings, especially in Utah. However, sometimes we luck out and the weather isn’t absolutely frigged. We were lucky with this wedding. The good news is Spring is about a month or two away! I always look forward to March… things thaw out and we start seeing green and flowers. It is also when wedding planning kicks into high gear.

It’s almost a Catch 22, you’re so busy photographing people you don’t blog the photographs you’ve created. Pretty soon people forget you exist and the phone stops ringing. Here I am finally posting another photograph of Jonathan & Kelli Jo’s wedding. They were married in December of 2011. That is more than 2 years ago. They are now expecting a baby girl, time flies!

Someone mentioned that most the shopping for wedding photographers happens from January to April. If I’m not marketing during that time I am shooting myself in the foot. Well, what I should be doing is blogging everyday, year round. The rest of my New Year resolutions have gone pretty well so far. I’m doing the standard weightloss, better finances, and personal improvement. Heck, I’m even keeping a journal. Well, blogging is also on that list. I just finished updating all the software for my WordPress! Yay! It is the small things.

Wedding at the Salt Lake Temple

Winter is usually freezing for Wedding Photography

I have booked a few weddings for this year already, hooray. And I did take a ton of photographs when gay and lesbian couples were allowed to marry for 2 weeks during the holidays. I’m excited for the rest of 2014, the future is bright for sure.

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