The Selfie Isn’t Going Away—We’re Just Doing It Wrong

by dav.d

Everyone is guilty of taking a selfie. We might be by ourselves and we find the most amazing location and we just have to create a selfie. Although, a lot of people never leave the bathroom to create their selfie. They find a bathroom mirror and they become the next Tyra Banks and start modeling. If you do that make sure there is no one sitting on the bathroom’s throne!

The first thing people should do is find a tripod or something to hold your camera. Too often we get the huge arms in the corner of the photograph. They even have mini tripods designed for phones and iPhones. There are some apps that will even let you set a timer—they give you enough time to set up your camera and then you run to your position and then pose for the shot.

I love that any camera can become a selfie creator. I had fun this past summer creating some portraits/selfies of yours truly. I had my tripod and one of my pocket cameras to create some photographs. The next thing I am going to buy is a remote control but for each of these photos I would just set a timer and then get into the right place.

dav.d creates his portrait

dav.d makes his own selfie with a tripod and a timer

Main Street in Salt Lake City is an awesome place for photography. It is the closest to a “big” city look that we are going to get and with a little bit of scouting we can find some cool locations to create a photograph. Once in a while you might have a security guard chase you away, but that has only happened once. It was actually at this location with the giant graffiti books… fortunately, I have been able to return and photograph here several times and I’ve never seen the security guards around the location again.

Finding the hidden graffiti in Salt Lake City

Finding the hidden graffiti in Salt Lake City

Anyway, more about selfies… it is best if you just hand your camera to another person to get your photograph. But sometimes you just have to reach. Be sure to hold the camera higher than your head, this will help eliminate double chin, and we all hate the double chin.

Main Street is as close as we get for New York style photos

Main Street is as close as we get for New York style photos

Last tip, if you like to photograph using a mirror, find one that is not in the bathroom. Check what is behind you! And then use an app to flip the photograph so you aren’t backwards. People may not notice… but they might. And guess what, there’s an app for that!

And I might as well share one more selfie—this is my favorite to date. I used Hipstamatic for the iPhone and in the background I have some nieces and some sisters. We were riding Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland. If you create this kind of photograph, don’t drop your phone!

riding big thunder mountain at disneyland

Screaming My Head Off at Disneyland

I even printed this photograph as a 16 inch square metal print. It’s awesome.

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Caili May 10, 2015 - 9:52 am

Can you please please tell me the address of where that book graffiti is??? It’s amazing and I can’t find it


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