Flashback Photo of the Day: Water Polo at West Hollywood

by dav.d

When I don’t have something ready for blogging I’m going to dig into the archives and share an old favorite photo. Many people might not know that I played water polo. Or at least I pretended to play water polo. It is a fun and a challenging sport. It is a combination of swimming, endurance, wrestling, soccer, and baseball. To be successful you need to be in shape and you need to be able to through and catch a ball while beating eggs. Egg beaters is the movement used to tread water.

I had the chance to go out and photograph a wedding in southern California and during the week there was a water polo practice at the West Hollywood pool. I didn’t play, but I did bring my camera, of course.

Water Polo at West Hollywood

Water Polo at West Hollywood

I love this photo. I might print it out. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to photograph sports. It can be a bit challenging and it is very competitive. And the true sports equipment is very expensive. Ack!

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