Renting Camera Gear is a Good Idea, Just Beware During a Paid Gig

by dav.d

Yep, I’m going to blog some snapshots of relatives. Why? I rented a lens on Friday and I want to get the most bang for my buck!

The lens I rented is a pricey one. It retails for $2,300. It is expensive. I don’t have a lens that expensive in my arsenal of lenses. I am not about to buy a lens that I haven’t tried out and put through its paces. So far so good, it has been sharp and it is a workhorse kind of lens. It could do everything.

Why create snapshots? And not use it on a paid assignment? No one should ever use new gear, or unfamiliar gear on a paid assignment. You don’t want to buy new lights, pop them up in front of a client and then realize you don’t know how it works.

Giovanna rocks the camera

Giovanna rocks the camera

Fortunately, my cousin has some kids that usually don’t cooperate with the camera. So, trying to get a good photograph was part a challenge and a great way to test out the lens rental.

Giovanna is a bundle of energy, and I’m almost surprised she paused for this photograph. Gary constantly looks surprised. He has big round eyes that just look like he was scared by a ghost or something. Yes, I am constantly trying to scare him. In a fun way.

Gary has a permanently surprised look, always

Gary has a permanently surprised look, always

As for the lens? Is is meeting all my expectations. I have it till Friday morning so I’ll keep trying it out.

By the way, the 2 locations I recommend for renting lenses and other gear are Acme Camera Company (they’re local and based in Salt Lake City) and (They have multiple locations across the country and a large selection).

I’ve used both services and they have always been great with speed, selection, and service.

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