The Italian Spy Job: Photoshop Fun

by dav.d

I am certainly having fun putting Rich our model into different locations and movie poster style imagery. This one was a lot of fun. Photoshop magic sure does save money on travel costs. I’ll confess, I love movies with explosions. I’ve been a big James Bond fan for years!

I had already created one composite of Rich and it looks like a movie poster. This time I wanted something very different. This one would be more action based and set at night.

A spy walks the dark Italian streets with a gun

Photoshop becomes the perfect tool to put our spy in the streets of Italy

The background is a stock photograph I had bought from another photographer. The benefits of stock photography is it is everywhere and easy to be found. The downside, finding the perfect match for your vision. If you want a scene at night and all you have are day photographs, it can be a bit of a challenge.

For this photograph, I definitely wanted to go for realism. I even added some lens flare to make the lights in the scene a bit more believable.

Perhaps the next composite will be with a larger gun. Bigger is better?

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